Satoyama-satoumi Museum with difference of elevation for 1400m

The Seiyo Time

Welcome to Satoyama-Satoumi Museum which releases you from time

Unomachi in Seiyo City was once prosperous being a key point of transportation,
as well as the only post town in Uwa fudal clan and as a residential town in Edo period.
At present, the town is a historic spot preserving traditional town scape as it was.
You can enjoy walking the street lined by precious historic architectures with beautiful white walls,
lattice windows also you will witness an inn or a sake brewery that have been in business more than a hundred years.
Time flows slowly unalike from usual /Time flows slowly unalike from your usual life
At the sea, at the mountain, looking around the nature with difference of elevation for 1400m,
filled with nostalgic sceneries, the Satoyama-Satoumi Museum

There, as much as missing things, is full of something to fill your heart.

If you feel a bit breathless
In search of analog scenery,
Why don't you come to Seiyo?

0m above sea level,
Sleeping Kannon, the Buddha of Mercy

215m above sea level, 
Mammoth in Uwa Basin

222m above sea level,
Hōsenbō Lodge

225m above sea level,
Top 100 Terraced rice fields in japan・Terraced rice fields of Dō-no-sako

500m above sea level,
Thatched house, Doi’s Residence

1403m above sea level,
Shikoku Karst, Genjigadaba