Satoyama-satoumi Museum with difference of elevation for 1400m

Coastal Area

Terraced fields which grow tasty oranges, blessed with abundant sunshine and ocean air.

Akehama Seaside Sun Park Auto-camping Site “Kyampa”

Enjoy carefree outdoor life!
Akehama Seaside Sun Park is a campsite where you can fully enjoy Akehama Bay spreading out beneath your eyes and enjoy being surrounded by the abundant greenery of Mother Nature. The accommodations available are log house cabins, trailers and 3 different varieties of tent sites. In the cabins and trailers just about all of the camp’s supplies are provided so you can enjoy a carefree outdoor life.

Address:1-461 kō Takayama Akehama-town, Seiyo City, Ehime Prefecture
Notes:We charge for accommodation and camping equipment.

Akehama Seaside Sun Park Saltwater bath “Hama-yu”

Saltwater bath with rich minerals from the sea
Filled with saltwater comprised of body-and health-friendly minerals such as iron, calcium and magnesium that accelerate the metabolism and are easily absorbed through the skin, the baths at Akehama are great for one’s health and for anyone in search of beautiful skin. Other than hot saltwater baths, you can satisfy yourself with the diverse range of daily special medicated baths, soft water baths, sleeping baths, open air baths and more.

Hours open:<Bathing> 11:00~21:00 (last entry  20:30), <Restaurant> Lunch: 11:00~14:00, Dinner: 17:00~20:30 (last order 20:00)
Regular holiday:Tuesday
Address:1-461 kō Takayama Akehama-town, Seiyo City, Ehime Prefecture
Notes:We charge for entry.

Akehama Seaside Sun Park   “Ōsōzu Bathing Beach”

You can fully enjoy sea bathing and marine sports at the white sandy beach.
Around 300m of white sandy beaches are spread out before you as ideal swimming beaches. From May until September, with this beautiful sea as a backdrop, sea kayaking lessons are available and through this can enjoy Akehama rias coastline. All throughout the year there are also ideal fishing places where you can catch horse mackerel and girella amongst others. (Fishing holes are available)

Address:1-461 kō Takayama Akehama-town, Seiyo City, Ehime Prefecture
Notes:There is a fee for shower use.

Terraced fields in Akehama-town

Terraced fields which grow tasty oranges
Akehama-town’s terraced fields are made up of white stone steppes, each one stacked upon another. Thanks to this terracing, the crops are fully bathed in the suns’ rays and permeated by the minerals from the sea breeze, allowing delicious mikan to grow. The four seasons and the sun, sky and mountains provide the terraced fields with greatly contrasting landscapes. During the spring, the rape blossoms spread out for as far as the eye can see, whilst in summer the fields become a brilliant green, and in the winter the ripened mikan turn them a brilliant orange.

Address:Karie Akehama-town, Seiyo City, Ehime Prefecture

Nofuku-tōge Mountain pass

Prominent cherry blossom viewing point with 400 cherry trees in spring
From Nofuku peak, which is at the entrance of Akehama district, starting from Hiburijima-island, you can see outlying islands and the inlets and capes of the rias coastline as well as an unbroken view of Uwa Sea. In addition, there are also famous places to see cherry trees and along the mountain path there are around 400 cherry trees planted around 70 years ago, which are lined up and down the path. Many people whose hearts match with the scenery of Uwa Sea draw near to see this place.

Address:Tawarazu Akehama-town, Seiyo City, Ehime Prefecture

Sleeping Figure of Kannon, Buddha of Mercy

Landscape which looks like sleeping Buddha of Mercy at Mikame Bay
If you gaze out across the water of the rias basin located south of the heart of Mikame-town, one of the area’s most unique sights can be seen. It is said that the surrounding hills form the shape of a sleeping Kannon, Buddha of Mercy. It is highly recommended that you take the chance to visit at dusk, as the Kannon’s shape is lent a mysterious atmosphere by the deep red of the setting sun, making for a truly fantastic experience.

Address:Mikame-town, Seiyo City, Ehime Prefecture
Notes:The map shows the opposite side of Sleeping Kannon, from which you can observe the figure.

Mikame Umi-no-Eki “Shiosaikan-market”

Local Market where you will be welcomed by sunfish and sharks
The mikan oranges, which are bathed and are grown in the suns light and the sea breeze, and the abundance of different varieties of marine products, are Mikame districts local specialty. In the Shiosaikan you can purchase fresh fish and vegetables and freshly squeezed orange juice. In addition, depending on the season, you can see and touch ocean sunfish, sharks and sea turtles.

Hours open:9:00~18:00 (open until 18:30 from April to October)
Regular holiday:Wednesday
Address:287-438 1ban kōchi Asadatsu Mikame-town, Seiyo City, Ehime Prefecture

Sazaegatake Rocky Hill

Two legends tell about the peculiar hill which reminds you of a landscape painting.
In roughly the center of Mikame-town is a rock formation approximately 10m tall. With its intricate topography, and the arbour cutting in to the rock face, Sazaegatake is a picture perfect example of beautiful Japanese scenery. There are two theories pertaining to the origin of the name ‘Sazaegatake’. One story is that, long ago, a great earthquake and tsunami caused the sea to flood the area, depositing a multitude of turban shells - known in Japanese as Sazae-on the rocks. The other story is that the rock formation itself resembles a turban shell, hence the name Sazaegatake, or ‘Sazaegatake-hill’.

Address:Izumi Mikame-town, Seiyo City, Ehime Prefecture

Ōsakibana Lighthouse

Glorious view spot commanding islets in Uwa Sea and Kyūshū
For ships passing by Uwa Sea and as a signpost for the ships entering the ports, this lighthouse carried out a very important duty. In addition, there is a superb view gazing from Ōsakibana. North is the Sadamisaki peninsula, south lies Tojima and Hiburijima islands and, furthermore, on a clear day you can even see far-away Kyūshū. There is also a magnificent view of the sky and sea dyed red by the setting sun.

Address:Tanohama Akehama-town, Seiyo City, Ehime Prefecture

Suzaki Kannon, a Buddha of Mercy

Open space where Kannon, Buddha of Mercy is warmly watching the sea
Those who wish to pass on their condolences to souls who have perished at sea, or to pray for the prosperity of the fishing industry or safe sailing, pray to the deity Suzaki Kannon. Suzaki Park, where this Kannon has been erected, is situated 90m above sea level, and from here you can see as far across the ocean as Kyūshū. Against the blue sky and the wide ocean, you can enjoy the sceneries of four seasons including the native Ubame-oak trees and the wild Seto chrysanthemums.

Address:Shūki Mikame-town, Seiyo City, Ehime Prefecture