Satoyama-satoumi Museum with difference of elevation for 1400m


Wide-area Access Map

Access from each city

* Times indicated here are approximate and may be subject to change.
Express buses are also available from each city.

Accesses in Seiyo City

Transportation Services in Seiyo City

JR Train Unomachi JR-station0894(62)0121
Buses Uwajima Bus, Unomachi-Office0894(62)1181
Taxies Akehama-town Akehama Taxi0894(65)0021
Mikame-town Hifumi Taxi0894(33)0123
Uwa-town Unomachi Taxi0894(62)0510
Tsubame Taxi0894(62)0244
Nomura-town Nomura Taxi0894(72)0151
Meiyō Taxi0894(72)0101
Shirokawa-town Uonashi Taxi0894(82)0038
Oku-iyo Kankō Shirokawa Taxi0894(82)0039
Doi Doronko Taxi0894(83)0323
Rental Car Uwa-town Tōa Rental Car0894(62)0591
Auto Wave Seiyo0894(62)3430
CAL Rental Car0120(490)109